The Twelve International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute
Prishtina, 01 - 03 September 2017

Conferences of the 11th International Annual Meeting:

  1. Interdisciplinary plenary conferences: Professional terminology - interdisciplinary activities
    Chairman: Prof.dr. Emil Lafe

  2. Conference of Philology, History and Culture Sciences section
    Chairman: Prof.dr.Kristaq Jorgo

  3. Conference of Law Sciences section

  4. Conference of Agriculture Sciences section
    Chairman: Prof.dr. Evan Rroço

  5. Conference of Environmental Sciences section
    Chairman: Prof.asoc. Edlira Roberts

  6. Conference of Economical Sciences section

  7. Conference of Natural Sciences section
    Chairs: Prof.dr. Bashkim Ziberi

  8. Conference of Medical Sciences section

  9. Conference of Engineering and Information Technology Sciences section
    Chairman: Prof.dr.Musa Rizaj

  10. Conference of Social and Political Sciences section
    Chairman: Prof.dr. Aleksandër Kocani

  11. Applied Computer Science Conference (IASH-ACSC 2017)
    Chairman: Eshref Januzaj