The Ninth International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute
Prishtina, 29 - 31 August 2014

Second Call for Papers [PDF, 196 KB]


The Institute Alb-Shkenca, in cooperation with

is organizing

The IX Annual International Meeting of “Alb-Shkenca” Institute

The Institute of “Alb-Shkenca” (IASH), a non-profitable and nongovernmental Albanian scientific organization, as the first Albanian scientific institution and the largest so far, gathers scholars of all fields of science from all Albanian territories in the Balkans and further on in the IX International Annual Meeting. The conference’s main topic is: “Science, an important factor for socio-economic sustainable development”. The meeting will be held in Prishtina, August 29 - 31, 2014.

All the members of “Alb-Shkenca” Institute and other researchers from academic disciplines of diasporas, Albania, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Greece, as well as independent academics and colleagues from foreign educational and research institutions, whose interest may or not lie at Albanian issues, are encouraged to take part in this important scientific meeting. In accordance with the spirit and tradition of “Alb-Shkenca” Institute, despite the aforementioned core subject (for which will be held a special interdisciplinary symposium), interested parties are welcomed to announce their newest achievements and good results in the specific areas of research and expertise.