The Fifth International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute
Tirana, 02 - 05 September 2010

III. Conference of Agricultural Sciences Division

Ardian MAÇI (Albania), Evan RROÇO (Albania), Pandi ZDRULI (Italy), Nikolla P. QAFOKU (USA)
Shukri FETAHU (Kosova).

Contact for submitting your proposals:

Topics of Symposia:
Symposia topics for the section of Agricultural Sciences will be presented after abstracts submission. Papers on a wide range of topics related to Agricultural Sciences will be accepted (Agriculture, veterinary, Animals Husbandry, Forestry Sciences.

    General topics:

  1. Developments in Plants Production Studies
  2. Developments in Animals Production Studies
  3. Developments in Forestry
  4. Developments in Veterinary