The Fifth International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute
Tirana, 02 - 05 September 2010

II. Conference of the Legal Sciences Division

Gentian ZYBERI (Netherlands)
Eralda METíHASANI (Albania), Idlir PE«I (Netherlands), Qerim QERIMI (Kosova), Esat STAVILECI (Kosova), Arta SELMANI (Republic of Macedonia).

Contact for submitting your proposals:

Topics of Symposia:
Topics of Symposia: Submissions on the following topics will have a preference.

  1. Rule of law: issues related to the good administration of justice and of the justice system
  2. Legal transplants phenomena and the subsequent interaction between the legal framework and the judicial practice
  3. The integration of Balkan countries in the European Union and the importance of International and European Law