The Fifth International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute
Tirana, 02 - 05 September 2010

X. Conference Theme: "Albanian Diaspora and its Integration into the recent Developments in Albania, Kosova and FYROM"

Lindita KOMANI (Austria)

Contact for submitting your proposals:

The conference is envisaged as a splendid opportunity to generate new project ideas and project proposals with the purpose of increasing diaspora’s integration in the field of economy, culture and science in Albania, Kosova and FYROM.

Conference participation requires that authors submit their project-ideas and project-draft proposals in advance, so that they undergo the selection process before being presented in one of the sessions of this conference (Economy, Culture, Science). To facilitate the discussion among the attendees roundtable discussions will be initiated. Invited guests will be government representatives from Albania, Kosova and FYROM and their working groups as well as private and NGO sector representatives and their working groups who will aim at launching action plans to boost cooperation.

Unlike the other conferences, the conference of Diaspora’s Integration requires not only the submission of the abstracts no later than June 30 but also the submission of the full version proposals in doc or PDF format as well as their Power Point presentation beforehand. The format for the draft proposal will be announced by the Conference Organizing Committee at another moment.